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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Shipping withing 3-5 days

Questions & answers

Q: Does the sleepwear breathe properly?
A: We have received such a great response that our products are not only comfortable to wear, but also breathable.

Q: Does the fabric shrink?
A: If you wash your garment in accordance with our washing instructions, the pajama will stay true to its original form.

Q: Does the fabric stretch?
A: There should be no problem with the fabric shrinking if you follow the washing instructions that you can find on the inside of all our pieces. 

Q: Where are the clothes manufactured?
A: All our garments are manufactured in our factory in Hong Kong. 

Q: Are the clothes ethically produced?
A: Yes, all our garments are ethically produced. Our factory has instituted a Code of Conduct in accordance to UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN convention of Children's Rights and the ILO conventions. There are policies in line for everything from prohibition of discrimination and child labor to working hours and health and security.

Q: What environmental responsibility do you take for your production?
A: We take great responsibility for the production of our sleepwear. Our factory assures environmental protection in all our activities. We aim to reduce the burden on the environment by being thorough when choosing the materials of our garments, waste management, production procedures as well as the handling and disposal of dangerous materials - such as chemicals - and emissions. 

Q: How do I wash my sleepwear? 
A: Machine wash cold, up 30 degrees, or use the hand wash program on your washing machine. Both options works. 

Q: Can I iron my sleepwear?
Yes, you can iron them if you use the right program. Please keep in mind that we have chosen our materials carefully, and therefore we recommend all our customers to treat their pajama the same way. Having that in mind, we prefer steaming ours. If ironing is needed, iron on a low to medium-low heat setting on the wrong side of the fabric. 

Q: Can I tumble my sleepwear?
A: No, you should not tumble them - let them self dry, preferably on a hanger in order to keep its shape.  

Q: How do I maintain the shape and fit of my sleepwear?
A: Follow our washing instructions and make sure to care for your sleepwear. By doing so, you enable the garment to last for a long time. 

Q: Where do you ship?
A: We ship worldwide!

Q: How long does the shipping take?
A: It depends on where you order from. In Sweden it takes 1-2 working days, in Europe 3-4 working days. If you order before 11 AM, we'll send your order the same day.

Q: What happens if I am not 100% happy with my sleepwear?
A: We want all of our customers to be 100% happy with their sleepwear. If you are not feeling completely satisfied with your pajama, you should send us an email at hello@ anyhere.se and we will generate a return label for you. 

Q: Do you offer free returns?
A: We charge a handling fee of 60 SEK per return since we do want to minimize the amount of impact our brand has on the environment. However, we do stand for that cost if you would like to change either sizing or model of your sleepwear. 

Q: How does the size guide work?
A: In order to make it as easy as possible for our customers and minimize the return in behalf of the environment, we have created a sizing chart. It is super smooth and you will only have to go through two steps: first, you take your own measurements, then you compare those with the measurements listed at the sizing chart. By doing so, you should get a good idea of which size you should order. 

Q: Is the sleepwear normal in size?
A: On each product page we also state which size the model wears as a reference. 

Q: What does Anyhere mean?
A: Our brand name, Anyhere, aims to make you feel at home anywhere and at anytime. The idea of the name came through since we wanted to remind all of us into taking a moment and feel at home wherever we are. 

Q: How do you pronounce Anyhere?
A: As it’s written!