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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

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Meet model Berith

Meet model Berith


What’s your favorite time of the day? 
It depends, but I think I would say mid-day. Right after breakfast when our walk outside is about to begin. 

Do you ever have “You time”? What does that look like? 
Yes, in the evening. I watch my favorite show at 7 PM, "En flytt till landet". 

What’s your favorite routine? 
Enjoying a long and tasty breakfast. I like to sit down with my husband, eating together, planning the day ahead and just be in that moment.

What makes you sad? 
My heart aches for those who get bad news delivered or going thru something hard, it makes me sad when people get hurt. It affects me a lot and its something I think about often.  

Can you describe a perfect Sunday?  
Eating a long breakfast with my husband, going for a long walk and finishing with a nice dinner at home. I don't need much more than that to make it a good day.  

What is home for you? 
My home. I like caring for my home, having it clean and pretty. It means a lot to me, it's a safe haven.

When do you feel strong? 
When people around me, including myself, feel safe and healthy. 

Have you stolen a t-shirt that belonged to anyone else? What does it mean to you? Do the person know that you have it? 
No, I have never.