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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

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Meet Model Astrid

Meet Model Astrid


What’s your favorite time of the day?
In the morning when I eat breakfast! I sit by myself and drink my coffee - a quiet moment to think and relax. 

Do you ever have “You time”? What does that look like?
Probably in the morning when I’m eating breakfast or at the gym. In that time I can be right in the moment and focus on myself.

What’s your favorite routine?
Mini spa at home! Applying skin-care, trying out different kinds of masks and listening to music.

What makes you sad?
When people hurt animals or use them for entertainment, like shows.

Can you describe a perfect Sunday?
The perfect Sunday is when you’re home all day doing nothing. Just chilling in my pajamas, eating good food and cuddling with my dog.

What is home for you?
Home is where my family and dog is. Where you can laugh and express your thoughts with each other.

When do you feel strong?
When I have succeeded with something, like a goal of mine. You get the feeling that you can do anything!

Have you stolen a t-shirt that belonged to anyone else? What does it mean to you? Do the person know that you have it?
I have a sister so I have “stolen” many clothes from her, lol. She probably knows that I have them but she will just have to wait a little bit longer. Sisters share right?? :)